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Cyber security company announces 100 jobs for Cork

A US-based cyber security company is to create 100 jobs in Cork.  Forcepoint said the staff would be hired during a three-year expansion plan, with most of the jobs coming on stream in year one. Forcepoint is a cyber security software developer based in Austin, Texas, and it was established more than 20 years ago. …

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'Extraordinary' sign language gorilla dies

An “extraordinary” gorilla that mastered sign language has died. The Gorilla Foundation announced on Twitter that it was “sad to announce the passing of our beloved Koko”. The foundation said the western lowland gorilla, who developed an “extraordinary mastery” of signing, died in her sleep aged 46. Koko featured in …

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Inside Atari’s rise and fall

Jamie Lendino Contributor By the first few months of 1982, it had become more common to see electronics stores, toy stores, and discount variety stops selling 2600 games. This was before Electronics Boutique, Software Etc., and later, GameStop . Mostly you bought games at stores that sold other electronic products, …

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