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ERAPSCO awarded $219M contract for underwater sonobuoys

Oct. 11 (UPI) — The U.S. Navy has awarded ERAPSCO a modified contract not to exceed $219 million in the procurement of signal underwater sound series sonobuoys.

The announcement, made Tuesday by the Department of Defense, enables ERAPSCO, a joint venture between Sparton Corp. and Ultra Electronics, to deliver 166,500 AN/SSQ 36, AN/SSQ-53, AN/SSQ-62, AN/SSQ-101, AN/SSQ-125 and MK-84 signal underwater sound series sonobuoys as a part of an indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity contract.

The devices provided submerged American submarines with advanced communication assets. The MK-84, for example, provides one-way communication from an aircraft in flight to a submerged submarine, can simulate an anti-surface warfare weapon launch, or provide functions for active acoustic reference to assist in determining distance.

Pentagon officials say more than 50 percent of the work will be performed in DeLeon Springs, Fla., with the other 40 percent completed in Columbia City, Ind., with an expected completion date of October 2020.

The Department of Defense not pre-funding the contract award, instead furnishing it upon delivery of individual orders.

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