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Cyber security company announces 100 jobs for Cork

A US-based cyber security company is to create 100 jobs in Cork.  Forcepoint said the staff would be hired during a three-year expansion plan, with most of the jobs coming on stream in year one. Forcepoint is a cyber security software developer based in Austin, Texas, and it was established more than 20 years ago. …

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Hard Cheese – Dairy sector exposed to hard Brexit

Inside the Ornua factory in Staffordshire in Britain’s midlands, packs of Pilgrim’s Choice Cheddar whizz by in a blur. The factory produces 40% of all the hard cheese consumed in the UK. There are container trucks packed with 20kg blocks of Irish cheddar arriving here every week, part of the 100,000 …

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Walmart store-scanning robot gets big boost

Bossa Nova, the company that makes the shelf-scanning robots that are rolling around a few dozen Walmart stores as part of an ongoing trial program, just announced $29 million in new funding. The latest round brings the company’s total funding to $70 million. Bossa Nova has been billed as a …

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Hortonworks plays balancing act in the cloud

In some ways Hortonworks is old fashioned in that it still clings to the stretch goal of managing half of the world’s data in an era where cloud object stores and bespoke analytic services are adding more alternatives to the mix. Hortonworks’ aspirational goal may not be realistic, but never …

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