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Fur Sweatshirts Are a Thing Now

Thursday’s Fendi show was a lot of what you’d expect from the house: Expertly nipped-waist dresses and coats, logo-stamped bags, and fur…lots of fur. Getty Images Advertisement – Continue Reading Below Getty Images Getty Images Advertisement – Continue Reading Below Something we didn’t expect? Sweatshirts that may or may not …

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Chanel to Plant Fragrance Flowers in the Tuileries Garden

FLOWER POWER: For those eager to smell the flowers used in Chanel’s fragrances, the French house is planting 2,220 square feet worth of jasmine from Grasse, May rose, iris pallida, tuberose and rose geranium in Paris’ Tuileries Garden. They will be part of the Jardins, Jardin garden event held there, …

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The Most NSFW Moments from London Fashion Week

It’s a tricky time in Fashion Land. Sexual harassment is finally (!) being taken as seriously as finances. Diversity and sustainability are getting well-deserved spotlights . And it’s easier than ever to buy glitter on the Internet. What does designer desire look like in the age of clap-backs, hashtags, and …

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Lorenzo Quinn on His Sculpture at the Alberta Ferretti Show

Lorenzo Quinn at the Alberta Ferretti show. Stephane Feugere ART TOUCH: The impressive aluminum sculpture “Gravity” by Lorenzo Quinn was hard to miss on Alberta Ferretti’s runway, strategically lit under the arches of the late Baroque complex of the Rotonda della Besana. A geometric structure with a naked man sitting …

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Eco-Friendly Outfits for Every Occasion

February 20, 2018 @ 7:15 PM Gone are the days when you have to sacrifice style for sustainability. We are loving the influx of eco-friendly brands that are offering stylish clothes and accessories without compromising efforts to help save the planet. From organic and recycled fabrics to local and handmade production, it has become …

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Gucci Teases Fall Show With Ticking Invitation

Gucci’s invitation to the fall 2018 show Photolab Gucci GUCCI’S COUNTDOWN: As if anyone in the fashion industry could forget, Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele’s surprising invitation to the brand’s fall 2018 show on Feb. 21 is an orange timer with red digital numbers that count down to the event, …

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