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Korean Celebrities Who Are Actual Geniuses

Intelligence isn’t what people usually notice from celebrities, especially in South Korea where physical appearance is seen as the most important thing that all stars should have. While these celebrities became famous because of their talent in their respective fields as well as their appearances, they also earned respect from …

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Celebrities Who Had Terrifying Near-Death Experiences

Nobody can escape death, not even the world’s most renowned celebrities. While many famous stars died due to illness, incidents and even suicides, some others luckily got second chances when they had a brush with death. Here are a few of those who had terrifying near-death experiences. Anne Hathaway ‘s …

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K-Pop Idols With Painful Past

Everyone knows that being a K-pop idol is not easy. Idols have to practice very hard for years as well as compete with fellow trainees in order to debut. However, for some stars, harsh trainee life wasn’t the only thing that they had to endure before becoming famous. These are …

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