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Ethiopia offers Eritrea chance to end Africa's longest war

Image copyright AFP Image caption Ethiopia says it will withdraw its troops from the Badme region, as Eritrea has long demanded Ethiopia’s surprise announcement that it will abide by a 2002 border ruling raises the prospect of a final end to what was Africa’s deadliest border war and peace with …

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David Drumm: The trial

The prosecution said he was engaged in a massive con. His defence team said he was answering Ireland’s call. David Drumm, once the high-flying, free-wheeling, straight-talking boss of what was believed to be one of the country’s most successful banks, has spent almost 90 days in the criminal courts’ complex, …

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Albert Watson Photographs New Pirelli Calendar

The Pirelli calendar is produced in limited quantities and can be difficult to obtain, which only adds to its mystery and aura. The calendar, which often features top models and A-list actresses and celebrities wearing very little clothing or none at all, has a look, theme and choice of talent …

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Republican House Speaker says Trump shouldn't pardon himself

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan said on Wednesday that President Donald Trump should not pardon himself, becoming the second Republican leader in Congress to balk at the president’s assertion that he had “absolute” power to do so. Ryan also dismissed another of Trump’s contentions – that the …

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