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Daily Archives: May 9, 2018

iRobot spinoff sells throwable robot to Marines

The U.S. Marine Corps just awarded $10 million for a ruggedized “throwable” robot useful in situational assessment in tactical situations. The platform is made by Endeavor Robotics, which was previously known as iRobot’s Defense & Security Business Unit. iRobot spun the unit off and sold to Arlington Capital in 2016. …

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Sharks really like jazz music, scientists say

Quite unlike the monsters they’re portrayed as, sharks are actually sophisticated creatures with an affinity for jazz music, according to new research. Scientists at Australia’s Macquarie University Fish Lab have found that the fish are able to associate music with food rewards – and jazz is more their bag than …

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Whoops: SoftBank CEO reveals Walmart has acquired Flipkart

Here’s one way to make sure Amazon doesn’t get control of Flipkart in India by outbidding you for a majority stake: buy it outright. Today during SoftBank’s earnings presentation, it looks like CEO Masayoshi Son slipped in a little scoop: he announced that Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, on Tuesday …

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Signs to warn motorists of wandering goats in Clare

Warning signs are to be placed on roads around Ennis in Co Clare to combat a number of serious safety issues arising from a group of wandering wild goats. Appeals have also been made to farmers and animal welfare groups to provide land to give the goats a permanent home. …

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